Body-Based Counselling and Facilitation for Cultural Transformation



Madelanne Rust-D'Eye, MA, R-DMT
I am a Canadian psychotherapist with a private practice based in Totnes, Devon, England. I have a Master’s degree in Somatic Counselling Psychology from Naropa University (Colorado, USA), with specializations in Dance/Movement Therapy and Body Psychotherapy. In addition to holding an ongoing private practice, my focus in recent years has been to provide specialized consultancy and to develop and teach experiential educational programs which draw from the principles of Somatic Psychology to inform and support wider conversations about wellness and culture, and to empower people to understand and fully utilize their impeccably-designed human natures in service of collective healing worldwide. I also joyfully facilitate a group embodiment practice called Movement in Relationship. Read on to find out more!



"When we learn to listen to the body, memories, emotions, and sensations rise up into consciousness. Mindfulness, movement, breath, and sound can give shape to these experiences, allowing them to sequence through, transform and work their medicine in the psyche. I support my clients to become ever more receptive to the inherent intelligence and creativity of their embodied selves, and at the same time, to develop confidence and freedom in body movement and sound as the expressive ‘language’ of their being."

I offer individual body- and movement-based psychotherapy to young adults and adults. My individual work draws from Authentic Movement, Attachment theories, and neuroscientific and psychodynamic frameworks to allow my clients to make contact with personal material and to sequence it through in a way that is safe, body-centered, and enriching.

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“Deep play is the ecstatic form of play. In its thrall, all the play elements are visible, but they’re taken to intense and transcendent heights.” - Diane Ackerman

Movement in Relationship (MIR) is a group practice that supports participants to explore and express their moment-to-moment experience of Self through vocal sound and body movement in an interactive environment of “deep play.” In each session, MIR moves gradually from the individual to the collective, offering participants time to connect with Self, and then to tap into and embody the arising — and ever changing! — matrix of the group experience.

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