Body-Informed Leadership

“Psychology takes physical form in the body. Learning to observe and track patterns of sensation and movement in the body gives us powerful insight into how the brain and psyche are responding to life events; by developing specific skills, we can understand and modulate our brain-body states to best meet the creative challenge of each moment.”

These observations and skills comprise what I call “Body-Informed Leadership”; that is, the ability to observe, understand, and respond to the physical cues that convey the psychological dimension of individual and group experience. Cultivating Body-Informed Leadership allows us to create a resonant atmosphere of psychological safety within ourselves and our groups, and radically improves the effectiveness of any collaborative endeavour.

I provide experiential workshops and specialized consulting for organizations, communities, and change-makers. I teach the latest insights from neuroscience and embodied psychology along with a set of tools to support groups’ Body-Informed Leadership in a way that is engaging, deeply transformative, and that powerfully evolves their effectiveness in a volatile, changing world.

Upcoming Workshops

Being Together: Body-Informed Leadership for Sacred Activism (3-Part Series)

At this time of global transformation, as sacred activists invoke the spirit of interconnection in our hearts and our actions, we are called to find right relationship with the whole spectrum of our human experience. We know that both the fullness of our gifts and our suffering are necessary to truly change the status quo. And yet, it can be challenging to invite this fullness into our group cultures. Without a shared language and skill-set to understand and safely hold our wounding, grief, and trauma, these forces can wreak havoc in our groups, damaging relationships and undoing the very interconnection we seek.

This workshop series takes participants on an experiential journey through the latest insights from neuroscience and embodied psychology. In each workshop, participants learn a set of tools to understand and skillfully navigate the body-informed dimension of their own inner life, and of the groups they are a part of. A significant portion of each workshop is devoted to embodied group practice to thoroughly integrate these tools, while regular opportunities for verbal sharing and group discussion support each group to weave a new story of what “wellness” looks and feels like – individually and culturally – in these turbulent times.

Starting September 22, 23, 24, 2017, in Totnes, Devon.

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