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Free Introductory Webinar: The Doorway In … Recognising Historic Trauma

November 11, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Free Introductory Webinar:

The Doorway In… Recognising Historic Trauma and Its Impact on the Deep Nature Connection Journey

Madelanne Rust-D’Eye, creator of Body-Informed Leadership

and Jon Young, 8 Shields founder

Monday November 11, 2019 @ 11am-1230pm Pacific

Reserve your space here: https://courses.8shields.com/a/19313/vjPmxdcC

A recording will be provided to all registrants, even if you can’t attend the live session.

This session continues our ongoing journey into the archetype of the Northwest Direction on the 8 Shields Mentoring map.

This direction of the Natural Cycle has everything to do with patterns of the past and how they inform our present. Last month, we explored the power of cultivating a living connection with lineage, to find the gifts of the ancestral ground under each of our feet.

The ancestral journey often awakens us to a need for healing. Patterns from the past can move across generations that are not always healthy.

When these patterns of “stuckness” and challenge manifest in our lives, we can experience pain and disconnection. Events such as war, oppression, and displacement dysregulate the nervous system and create imbalance on the neurobiological level.

When enough people face disconnection on this level, the culture is affected. When this imbalance is passed forward, the result is a wave of historic trauma that moves through the generations, often on an unconscious level.

The opportunity now is to recognize and begin reckoning with the legacies of historic trauma that inform so much of the modern experience.

In this webinar, trauma-informed psychotherapist Madelanne Rust-D’Eye and 8 Shields founder Jon Young explore the intersection of culture, trauma and regeneration, and how the tools of Somatic Safety can help us as we engage in the connective journey together.

Please join us for this special conversation.

Click here to reserve your space: https://courses.8shields.com/a/19313/vjPmxdcC

​About the Series

In this online webinar series, Madelanne Rust-D’Eye, creator of Body-Informed Leadership, and Jon Young, lead founder of the 8 Shields Institute and the Art of Mentoring movement, unpack the phenomenon of Historic Trauma through the lenses of Nature Connection, Neuroscience, Culture, and the Body.

In the 8 Shields Model, the Northwest ​Direction maps the space where patterns move through time across generations. The Northwest Archetype connects us with our inner landscapes, as we turn within and track the often-hidden patterns from the past that inform our lives. This is a natural part of the 8 Shields map that interfaces with the healing arts, including somatic approaches to recognizing and resolving grief and trauma.

Discover core paradigms and practices for resilience and transformation at the individual and cultural levels. Madelanne and Jon share the stories of their individual journeys with historic trauma, and describe how these experiences have informed their work at the intersection of culture, trauma, and regeneration.

Join us for the live sessions, or go through the materials afterwards at your own pace. The live session recordings will also be posted to our course site after each session. Participants receive long-term access to the course materials.


November 11, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm