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Being Love in Action: Body-Informed Leadership Part 1

March 1 @ 10:00 am - March 3 @ 5:00 pm


As change-makers at this critical moment in time when so much is at stake, it can be all too easy to become taken over by fear. The state of the world, our conflict-ridden human communities, and even the methods we us to make change (from activism to charitable work) can wreak havoc on our nervous systems and entrap us in the dynamics of fear-based reactivity — the very dynamics underlying the problems we seek to change!

Body-Informed Leadership Part 1 teaches that both “love” and “fear” are brain-body states. By learning the neuroscience of love and fear, and by exploring our personal, cultural, and intergenerational Nervous System imprints, we reclaim our ability to sense and feel – and in so doing, to choose – which elements of our own neuro-circuitry we inhabit in our lives and actions.

Only from this place of choice do we have the resilience and the creativity to create the changes that are so longed for in this world.

Body-Informed Leadership Part 1 teaches a core set of body-based skills and practices to:

  • Self-and-co-regulate the nervous system
  • Move, express and release intensity and emotional energy through the body, and
  • Explore, understand, and transform personal and collective nervous system imprints

Taken together, these skills and practices lay the foundation for a new form of leadership: leadership which invites each and every one of us to become an active participant in co-creating a ground of Somatic safety in our group cultures; leadership which activates our hard-wired, physiological blueprint for interconnected, compassionate states; leadership which re-conditions our collective nervous system away from its current traumatic imprint towards a state which generates – and continually reinforces – love.

Contact Madelanne to register: madelanne@icloud.com

Some concessions available, please ask.


March 1 @ 10:00 am
March 3 @ 5:00 pm


The Island Dance Space, Nelson Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE
The Island, Nelson Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE
Bristol, Somerset BS1 2LE United Kingdom
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